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Greg Tito

Greg Tito is an author, podcaster, and screenwriter currently residing in Seattle, but his heart will always be in Brooklyn where he lived for ten years. As a communications professional in the game industry, he’s made Dungeons & Dragons cool again by highlighting Hollywood talent who play and by producing award-winning events melding live production, games, and cosplay.


Earning both a theater degree and a degree in English from the University of Connecticut ensured that Greg would be involved in creating and critiquing entertainment for the rest of his life. Being the editor-in-chief of a relatively popular video game news and reviews website was a fun, um, challenge, let’s say.


He loves all kinds of games from tabletop to digital and most genres out there, but adult speculative narratives are what butters his bread. He is inspired by fantasy stories that subvert the tropes of the genre, sci-fi characters that allow humans to see their faults on a grand scale, and funny, acerbic protagonists that never fail to screw everything up.


Recently, Greg has been producing and appearing on two weekly podcasts – Dragon Talk, the official D&D podcast, and Re:Engage, a deep dive into Star Trek: TNG episode by episode – and is producing a dark comedy short film called Ex-Husband. Greg’s fantasy fiction has appeared in Dragon+, his plays have been produced off-off-Broadway and his standup comedy routine about his bunion surgery almost propelled him to stardom in 2007, but didn’t. His wife and two daughters still think he’s funny sometimes.