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Christine Holbert

Christine Holbert, founding director of Lost Horse Press and a founder of Spokane’s Get Lit! Literary Arts Festival, earned an MA in Publishing from Eastern Washington University. In 1998, she established Lost Horse Press, a nonprofit, independent press that publishes collections of poems, the design of which is above trade standard, and to achieve for these books the widest possible circulation and cultural impact. She founded the Idaho Prize for Poetry, an annual book contest; organizes creative writing workshops and literary readings; established—with Grace Mahoney—the Lost Horse Press Contemporary Ukrainian Poetry Series, translations of preeminent Ukrainian poets presented in dual-language format; locally hosts 100 Thousand Poets for Change, a worldwide annual poetry and music event in which artists in each participating community come together to express their visions for positive change on the local, national, and global levels. With the assistance of a few interns and one dedicated volunteer, Holbert continues to produce some of the most aesthetically innovative and beautifully designed books emerging from the independent publishing community.